Neon Abyss - PC Game Review

 Neon Abyss is a retro rogue-lite. It has a few weapons, although you don't get specs, plenty of upgrades you pick up, and a persistent upgrade tree. Shooting is ok, but I'm sort of neutral on the whole game - it is ok, but I don't particularly enjoy anything about it.

Ghostrunner - PC Game Review

 Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk parkour game. I have just played for an hour or so, and it sure is intense. I haven't played many of the parkour style games, just a little of Mirror's Edge, but I found Ghostrunner to be a little tiring. There were certainly a LOT of reloads on my part... It does look great, but I'm not sure if I like the action or not.

Light Chaser - Book Review

When I saw a new SF book by Peter F. Hamilton (also by Gareth L. Powell, but I didn't know him), I got it immediately, as he is one of my favorite authors. Light Chaser doesn't take place in one of his universes, but on the domain, where a bunch of human planets live in serious stability - which turns out is for reason.  Our main protagonist is a light chaser - someone who goes on 1000 year circuits (they don't have FTL propulsion) around worlds exchanging the use of memory collars - entertainment for the higher-level worlds -  for various goods in an AI run ship. But everything changes when someone starts showing in several memory collars, in different planets... Which was supposed to be impossible. I thought it was funny that this book had resurrections and such, but then I remembered the Night Dawn trilogy, which had some aspects like that, too. Overall, strongly recommended. My only complaint is that it was pretty short.

Infinitode 2 - PC/Android Game Review

 Infinitode 2 is an abstract tower defense game. It is available both for PC and Android, with only minor differences (the only obvious one to me is that you can watch ads to get extra stuff). I initially bought it on Steam, at a ridiculous price (about US$1.5 in R$), played it on the PC, and enjoyed it. Then I tried it on my tablet, discovered I had download it several months ago, synced to the same place  via their login(which is a nice feature!), and tried it there. Graphics are pretty much abstract, but they look ok. Music is ok at some times, and painful at others. You get all the common TD stuff - towers in a range of specific places, regular/fast/strong/etc enemies, basic/splash/sniper/etc towers, etc.  There are also a bunch of objectives per level, and you get a lot of items, which you can later use for research, which has a pretty large tree. You also get things like mining for resources for research. Basic tutorial is good, but seems to completely ignore all the research stu

Black Book - PC Game Review

 Black Book is another RPG with a card game. These are obviously popular now. The art is quite distinctive, and the subject matter too - you are a "witch" (it is actually russian folklore, so unless you are russian, you probably won't recognize their names for things) in training, and the equivalent of the traditional paths is you going to tasks. The first is dealing with a demon, in a card battle, of course. I really like the art, and the gameplay is overall very good, and seems not to have too many complicated mechanics. There are some small segments that remind me of 90s Sierra adventure games (when they started getting isometric 3D), but while a bit silly they are short.

Mini Motorways - PC Game Review

 Mini Motorways is a simple puzzle game (or a minimalist sim), just like Mini Metro, where you have to connect houses and stores/malls/whatever using roads, roadways, traffic lights and roundabouts. It is still in early access, but seems fun enough. The music is super annoying, though. It was very, very cheap here (less than US$3 with exchange rate + Miniverse Collection discount).

Nowhere Prophet - PC Game Review

 Nowhere Prophet is a card game, which naturally reminds me of Slay the Spire (that being my favorite in the genre). You travel with a convoy (your followers and powers are cards) in a randomly generated map, in an SF like dystopic, messed up world. There is also equipment, cargo, weapons you can buy, force fields, etc. It seems interesting in many ways, but very, very complicated - which over time I have less and less patience for... Nice graphics, sound and ok music. Tutorial is ok.