Marvel Spider-Man Remastered - PC Game Review

 Just got Marvel Spider-Man Remastered, which I understand is originally pretty old. This follows the open world game recipe book pretty well. It really reminds me of Just Cause 4, even the tower unlocks to scan a region is similar (Just Cause did it a lot better - the wavelength mini-game is pretty silly, and I am pretty sure I have seen it a bunch of times since at least the 90s, if not the 80s). Graphics are pretty good. I have to mention the start-up time, which was VERY surprising. It is not only really fast, but you can even skip all the logos. Combat is nice enough, there is an ok stealth component, plenty of gadgets, skills, suits, and suit add-ons. I also like that the suit powers are choosable, as opposed to locked in a suit. Also plenty of activities. The research stations missions can be a little annoying, though. Overall, very nice, I really like it so far.

A Desolation called peace - Book Review

 A Desolation called peace, by Arkady Martine, is the sequel to "A Memory called Empire" (which I read, and liked, but forgot to review). Here we have the consequences of the last book - the empire is fighting the big bad aliens. Three Seagrass and Mahit, the main characters from the first book, manage to get themselves inserted in the action as negotiators. A good part of this one moved quite slowly. There are a few parallels with Ender's Game, ********SPOILERS******* since both have aliens with "magic" communication, although I don't recall if the ants had a sense of self. They also fight because they didn't think their enemies had any importance (only queens mattered in Ender's game, on Desolation conscience is apparently distributed and anyone not connected was not considered a person. /********SPOILERS******* Overall, this one was OK but I liked A Memory called Empire a lot more.

Deathloop - PC Game Review

I have been playing Deathloop for about a week, and I am still not sure if I like it or hate... What I like: - looks great (minor point, though) - lots of clever stealth opportunities, specially after you can shift into roofs. - powers, in the same way Dishonored did - story is somewhat interesting - there are plenty of puzzles, with various levels of rewards (some recurring, due to the loop part). What I don't: - can't save inside a level. That does create extra tension, sure, but now you can't experiment with things you want to in the same way, plus can't just shut down instantly, so now I can only play if I have a large amount of time where I think I won't be interrupted. This combined with how easy you are to kill means a minor mistake, like bumping in a single enemy can easily kill you. And if you loop, you lose everything you acquired in both that level and previous levels on the same loop. - not a lot of levels. There are just a few (4?), but they change a lo

The Outer Worlds - PC Game Review

Basically Fallout 3, space themed. I have found this quite enjoyable, and the variety of side quests is mission is pretty nice. Graphics are good, but nothing fantastic. So far it doesn't feel very repetitive (21 hours in, did all side quests I found). There is a lot of story, and I like how powerful the hack/lie/intimidate skills are in some missions. Having just finished Sniper Elite 5, the stealth part feels a little weak. UI could use a lot of improvements, though... I really wish I could filter for specific gun powers, and some sort of sets you could instantly equip would be great, given how armor and guns can be much better in specific situations. Instead you need to find them in a big list of items, all alike.  Overall, pretty nice, if on sale.

Eversion - Book Review

 Eversion, by Alastair Reynolds, was one of the rare books I bought on pre-order. There are just a few authors that I trust enough to do that. I did not regret it. The story begins in a sailship in the 1700s. The narrator is Dr. Silas Coade, and the ship is searching for a mysterious structure. Soon the doctor is killed... And next he wakes in a steam ship, with just fragments of the memory of what happened. Everyone else is the same as in the last ship. Next time it happens, it is an airship going to the hollow earth, searching for a structure... It was interesting setup, that I feel as well developed, and much cleverer than similar tropes. It pays very well in the end, and comes to a quite satisfying conclusion. Overall, very much recommended.

Os Segredos do Investidor de Valor - Book Review

Os Segredos do Investidor de Valor, de Bruce Barbosa, foi um bônus de uma assinatura da Nord Research. Ele fala do conceito do investidor de valor e de como utilizá-lo. No meu caso, desconfio que foi menos útil, já que li recentemente o livro do Howard Marks (The Most Important Thing, muito bom) e visto alguns cursos no assunto. Também tem trechos repetitivos. Fora isso, achei muito bom, e extremamente recomendado, ainda por cima sendo bem curtinho.

Telegram Premium Voice to Text no Brasil

Experimentei o telegram premium (recebo muitas mensagens longas de voz).  As transcrições são excelentes, em português (ouvi que usam a API do google). Demora um pouco. No telegram web não funciona, no desktop sim. O bizarro é que texto não entra na procura... que seria uma das partes mais úteis. Tem dois jeitos de assinar, via Google (mais caro), ou via o site deles. Por enquanto usei o Google, porque tenho mais confiança de cancelar quando quiser.