Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orcs Must Die! won't launch - SOLVED

I've just tried to run Orcs Must Die!, but I had a problem. It wouldn't run at all, just launch the icon and then disappear quietly.

I found the solution in this FAQ by the game authors. It is fairly easy:
- Find the game on Steam (if you have a large list like me, might be easier to switch to Recently Played games first)
- Right-click on the game title
- Choose the Local Files tab
- Verify Integrity of Game Cache

There were 8 files with problems on mine. After that the game ran fine. And I have to say that so far I like it a lot - see Orcs Must Die! Review for my opinion.


Seth Fogarty said...

Seconded, 8 files, suspect issue is an upgrade from demo.

Ian Slinger said...

Fix confirmed! I had 7 files, probably from the same source.

theissen612 said...

fix confirmed! thanks guys

Maciej Schuttkowski said...

@Seth Fogarty:
confirmed, 8 Files,
indeed upgraded from Demo.
@STG: fixed it, thank you very much for the Solution :)

Colonel Pastry said...

Thanks a lot for the fix

Onelia Ward said...

Thank you. There have been a lot of other fixes that weren't very good out there. I am so glad I found this one because it was the easiest and best. :)

The Key Pusher said...

Yep, I upgraded from demo too. Thanks a lot!

truPrince said...

same exact issue solved the same way. Thank you for sharing.