Friday, June 22, 2018

Seeker - Book Review

Seeker, by Douglas E. Richards, is an SF novel about an alien vessel that lands on Earth and the rush to get to it.

I have read a few books by the author, and like all of them, this was pretty fun. The characters feel a little phony at times, but the story flows well, is entertaining, and I liked that it didn't go the more predictable, boring way and ended in an interesting way.

I don't usually feel his books are particularly memorable, but this one is definitely a cooler/not as common concept and had a better conclusion.

I also really like that there is a section discussing the tech in the book and some insight on the writing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lucifer - Book One

I have been watching Lucifer, I believe since last year (for whatever reason, they only decided to show it now here in Brazil, and played all 3 season nearly continuously).

It is nice, but not great (in particular they drop almost all the supernatural to make it a police procedural - which I am told is Fox's fault, which is good news since season 4 will be Netflix) - but I really like it.

So after the whole near cancellation debacle, I was thinking that since I like Neil Gaiman, I really should check the comic books out.

So I read Lucifer Book One (affiliate link - there is no point with my traffic numbers, but why not?).

I liked it. The beginning is sometimes too weird - I guess I am used to having some set of marginal rules instead of powers and concepts coming out of nowhere - but by the end I was truly engrossed.

It is pretty much completely unrelated to the TV series, though, and I imagine many who like the series would not like the comics.

Already got the next one. BTW, I read it on Kindle on an iPad - it usually looks pretty good, but some pages look tiny because of orientation, in that case just double tap to go for panel mode and you should be fine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Soldier - Book Review

The Soldier, by Neal Asher, is an SF novel that takes place on the Polity.

Many old favorite characters are back, and this time the main focus is a ring of old Jain tech, carefully guarded by Orlandine, one of the Dragon spheres, and many AIs.

As usual, bad tech gets loose, and large scale battles occur.

I like the new scope that this trilogy format allows. The wait between volumes, though, is brutal.

Overall, strongly recommended for fans of the Polity series.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Shadow Warrior 2 - PC Game Review

I've recently started playing Shadow Warrior 2. It is a nice FPS with shooting and melee elements, as well as many ways to customize your skills and weapons.

On some points, it feels like they tried too hard and some UI elements are not explained at all.

It also gets repetitive quite fast (which was a problem with Shadow Warrior (2013) too). I just took two of the first side missions, and they take place in almost the same location.

Some things I love:

  • The next objective has a nice dot trail on the map. No more walking around trying to find a key!
  • Most useful things, such as loot boxes are marked on the map, too.

Overall, it is nice, specially considering I got it at a nice discount. But just like the first one, I am not too sure I will bother to finish it.

Update: currently 20 hours in and did most of the side missions on the free DLC. They are not great, but they are fun enough and worth it for the extra action points and occasional skills.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cobra Kai - Series Review

I usually don't bother to review series here, but Cobra Kai deserves it.

It is a sequel of Karate Kid, with the same two "main" characters - Daniel and Johnny Lawrence, the bully that Daniel fights in the first movie.

That would already be notable to me, as I really liked the movies as a kid, but the new characters and how they evolve through the 10 episodes was pretty much great.

Given the use of 80s rock, I loved the song choices, too.

In Brazil you have to buy the episodes individually, which was kind of annoying the Youtube android app. It was not that cheap but well worth it.

It ends in a big tournament fight, just like the movie, and the ending is very satisfying, even though a bit expected. It also sets up the next season nicely, which I hear is definitely coming.

I think this is the first major YouTube production, and it bodes very well for its future if they continue in this quality level.

It would be nice if it was included with Google Play Music here, or at least if there was a button to buy the rest of the season.

Overall, strongly recommended for fans of the movie. It still should be worth it for those who never saw it, as there are two free episodes (it does get better than those, however).