Resolvido - como ver Câmera Intelbras IC4 via PC?

Comprei uma Câmera Intelbras IC4. É boazinha - 720p, 360 graus de rotação (quase), auto-tracking, visão noturna (muito boa). Pode adicionar microSD. Estava com um ótimo desconto no Prime Day.Tem app para Android, funciona bem. Mas claro que se você está no PC, usar um emulador de android é irritante, sem falar em deixar o celular ligado só para ver alguma câmera.Felizmente, no fórum da Intelbras tinha uma dica (incompleta) de como usar na sua rede:Abra o VLC Player (baixe e instale, se precisar, óbvio).Vá no menu Mídia, Abrir Fluxo de Redecoloque rtsp://admin:CHAVEDEACESSO@IPDACAMERA
Chave de Acesso vem impressa embaixo da câmera. Se você trocou no aplicativo, vai ter que usar esse.IP você provavelmente deveria fixar com o seu router via MAC da câmera (veja as instruções do router). Se não souber, uma forma de descobrir e usar o aplicativo Fing no android ou iPhone e scannear seu wi-fi. Você também pode acessar seu router e ver a lista de dispositivos conectados e ir por tentativa e e…

Age of Defense - PC Game Review

This is an Early Access game.I just got Age of Defense, a tower defense (TD) game. It was very, very cheap (about US$1.5 after the sale and exchange rates), and I like another game from the same publisher, another TD, Warstone TD.A super annoying thing is that they decided to use just little ideograms, instead of text, in the interface. You can figure out what most things say, but I really, really hate it. I guess this is one way to save on localization.Art is OK, and the gameplay has the same problem as Warstone - it feels very, very slow. Also, the upgrade UI has terrible contrast when disabled. There is a lot of user intervation - you have to use little traps to get extra enemies, as well as fireballs.Of course, there are towers, with different characteristics, as all TD games. Not many so far.Overall, I don't really like it, but I'm hopeful that it will get better. Can't complain about the price, though.

Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth - PC Game Review

Some time ago, I got Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth on a sale. It was a logical choice, even if reviews weren't so great, as I really liked all Civilization games.My first impression of this one is of annoyance at all the small things (also, the tiny UI on quad-HD).I will try longer, but I am not impressed so far. No idea if it is the game, or if as I get older I have less patience for complicated games...

Carrion - PC Game Review

Carrion is an interesting title. It is a platformer, but in it you are a tentacle filled mass which escaped from a lab, and goes around trying to escape and killing people. Graphics are retro, and pretty well done. Movement looks great, as well as manipulation of the place - such as opening doors, pulling objects, etc. Apparently you can acquire powers - such as throwing webs that allow to trap people temporarily, or moving objects you can't reach.The only problem I have with the game is that sometimes things you can enter or manipulate aren't obvious. And the maps can be a little like mazes at time.Overall, very clever, and strongly recommended.

Nosso Lar - Book Review

Nosso Lar is a spiritualist novel, supposedly psychographed. There was a movie made from it, which I liked, and so when I realized this was on Amazon Unlimited I thought I'd check it out.It is quite interesting, but feels a little flat. It is also a rare case of a movie I like more than the book - the long explanations are a little boring, and while it has been a while, the movie did better in that regard.

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr - PC Game Review

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr is a isometric action RPG, like Diablo, but obviously in the  Warhammer 40,000 universe.It takes place in a (apparently abandoned) spaceship an inquisitor goes to check a distress signal on (now that is an overused trope).I played a little so far, and the story is OK. So are the graphics, sound, and the UI (mostly).What really, really bothers me is how bad the camera is. I'm constantly unable to view enemies that I can actually shoot.So far, really can't recommend it.

Planet of the Apps

For whatever reasons, I hadn't canceled my Apple Music membership, even though I've been using Google Play/YouTube Music for a while.So I've decided to check out Planet of the Apps, their app Shark Tank.I actually quite enjoyed it. No idea if you need to be an app developer to like it, though, as it flopped quite badly and was cancelled after a season.I'd would have thought it would work well for all involved. The developers get visibility and/or money plus mentorship, Apple gets advertising and better apps, and the advisors get - I don't really know what is in for most of them, except extra exposure (probably not a big factor for any of them).Too bad it was so short. Great name, too.