Friday, December 30, 2016

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - PC Game Review

I recently got Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. I've played Wolfenstein 3D quite a while back when it was released, and I was a huge fan of other ID games, such as Doom and Quake, which I played for endless hours. This one is made by MachineGames, instead of ID.

Lately I haven't played many ID games because they usually were buggy on my hardware, such as Rage or the latest Doom. When this Wolfenstein was on sale on Steam with excellent reviews, I though I should try it.

I'm glad I did - it is very good. I particularly like how they allow you to choose (not always, but a lot of the time) to take a stealthy approach or go guns blazing. The guns are pretty good, there are plenty of them and in an old school way, you can carry almost as many as you want (except for the big machine gun).

In that sense, it is quite different and smarter than the old ID games, and there is a lot of alternative options - such as little tunnels - to use. There are also some secret areas.

I also like the use of unlockable perks, although I'd probably like them more if they were easier :-).

Great graphics, great sound and fun music, too.

Overall, I am really enjoying the game, and it is well worth checking out.

Update: Finished the game. I can't say I liked the zombies part (spoiler!) as much as the other, but it was OK. Took me 7 hours.

The final boss was a bit disappointing, if you knew what to do it was mostly annoying and time consuming.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rocket League - Game Review

I've noticed Rocket League mostly for the videos/GIFs that are posted on Reddit. It made a silly proposition seem fun.

So I wishlisted and there was a sale these days on Steam.

I got it and it is interesting. I still find it quite hard - specially jumping, but it still is fun vs the lamest bot setting (it'd probably be too frustrating against humans or better level bots, though).

I think part of the problem might be my insistence on keyboard/mouse. Having the acceleration switch to part of the rotate controls on jumps is confusing.

I really like the graphics, and the music is particularly good.

Overall, well worth checking out.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

A Night Without Stars - Book Review

A Night Without Stars is the latest Commonwealth novel by Peter F. Hamilton, which takes place in Bienvenido.

Bienvenido got sent out of the Void, and they are in even more trouble with the fallers. But someone is coming to help (if you are a Commonwealth series fan, you can probably guess who that is).

As usual, it was excellent. There are many authors that I will not pre-order from, but Peter F. Hamilton has proven to be very safe in this regard.

Personally I liked the high-tech bits more, but the low-tech parts were still pretty good. And plenty of action all around.

The ending was pretty good, although as usual for Hamilton, it felt a bit deus-ex-machina. Still, it was foreshadowed enough that it felt fair. And the epilogue was very satisfying.

Overall, strongly recommended for fans of the Commonwealth series. It'd be pretty confusing if you didn't read the rest of the Void series, though.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Bloodline Feud - Book Review

The Bloodline Feud is an omnibus edition of the first two books of The Merchant Princes series, by Charles Stross.

I had already read the first book, way back when it was new.

The story covers Miriam - a journalist that discovers that she comes from a lineage of people who jump between parallel universes. But not everyone is happy with her return, and a series of attacks and assassination attempts follow, while she is trying to create a modern business.

Overall, pretty good. I was all set to get the next omnibus in the series, but so many reviews were disappointed with them that I gave up on it...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kill Process - Book Review

Kill Process, by William Hertling, of the Singularity series is a techno-thriller with a lot of very reasonable tech, a lot of hacking and some murder.

I was already a fan of the author, so when I got the e-mail notice of the new book I ordered it right away.

The beginning is very interesting and goes through a "Dexter" part - where the main lead is a serial killer that chooses abusers. Then it goes on a completely different direction.

Both parts are pretty good. I particularly liked that the tech and hacks were all very reasonable (instead of the poorly made nonsense so common in TV and other books).

The ending is also pretty good.

Overall, strongly recommended.