Monday, January 01, 2018

Prison Architect - Game Review

Prison Architect is an interesting PC prison management sim.

 I actually got it in a Humble Bundle way back in 2014, but it was on sale last week, and there were so many comments praising it that I checked Steam for opinions, and realized I had it.

Many said it can easily take hours of your time, and that is certainly true. I've played the whole campaign in 11 hours (I'm sure it can be done much faster, but I wanted to complete some of the optional quests, too). You can also just create prisons as you want to, outside the campaign.

I found it quite entertaining. There are many possible things to build and control, many with important consequences.

It is a bit buggy, too, but usually not too serious (mostly things like having to enclose areas for them to be recognized, even though it isn't a requirement).

The game clearly states it is for prison reform, through both the mechanics and the cut scenes, which I think is a useful thing. Clearly it makes no point to use less money reforming prisoners just to have them back after release, AND at the same time have more crime.

Overall, pretty fun and strongly recommended.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Fight and Flight - Book Review

Fight and Flight, by Scott Meyer, is the fourth book in the Magic 2.0 series, where people discover they are in a computer program and develop software that works as magic.

On this one, they decide to practice their skill in defense and attack, and accidentally  make an enormous mess that they need to clean up.

As usual, silly but great fun.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Cursors snags between multiple monitors - Problem Solved

I've been a bit annoyed by the transition of the cursor between my new 2560x1440 monitor and my very, very old 1680x1050 monitors. The cursor always seem to snag on the top and bottom.

It was easy to solve, though - Displayfusion has a "Prevent mouse cursor from snagging on unaligned monitor edges" option on Setting->Mouse. This solved it.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Everspace - PC Game Review

Everspace is a roguelike space fighter game.

I imagine that sound weird, but the roguelike elements came from how the game is structured - you jump into different areas of space, which can have lots of things for you to loot, dangerous enemies, or anything in between.

It also has an element that I've seen a few times that I really like - while you WILL die a lot, some stuff passes between game runs. That includes, among others, credits and blueprints.

Credits can be used to buy perks between launches (although you MUST use all your credits before start), which add tons of things, including the ability to have more guns, other ship types, engine power, loot, etc.

Blueprints can be used to craft stuff such as guns, shields, mods and other items.

There is also a lot of looting, both for credits, blueprints (which are kind of rare) and other elements that are used for crafting.

Gunfights are fun enough, with some strategy elements - for example, some guns are good against shields, others are more powerful but have shorter range, and so on.

Another nice thing is that as the game goes on you meet characters that give you quests - immediate or permanent. Some of will ask for specific elements, kill someone, or just scan weird (and great looking!) life forms.

Graphics are very nice, with the highest quality in full HD being the default setting on my relatively old computer (2014).

Overall, I really like this one, even though I'm not a huge fun of roguelikes. Well worth checking out.

Prey - Game Review

Prey is a very nice sci-fi FPS/RPG that takes place in a space station, against aliens.

It has a big System Shock feeling to it, including some cyberpunk aspects such as the ability to install Neuromods - effectively an excuse to unlock abilities - such as extra strength (makes no sense in the Neuromod context, but let's go with it...), hacking, repair, etc.

The RPG aspect is pretty well developed, and I really liked how you get little pointless item across the station, but can then recycle them as materials to build stuff, as long as you find their schematics.

Another nice thing is how clever the fighting feels, with turrets, environmental dangers, etc.

Overall, strongly recommended for fans of the genre/theme.