Saturday, July 04, 2020

Overload - PC Game Review

Overload is basically Descent, the 90s game, with nicer graphics. It is even made by some of the same people.

For those that didn't play it (which I imagine, by this point is pretty much everyone) it was SF shooter, where you took your ship and went into basically tunnels to shoot other ships, look for keys and then overload reactors. The biggest novelty was that you could move in every direction.

If that is bad or good, that is up to you. At least for now, I have enjoyed it - there is something about the movement and dodging the ships that I really like (using the keyboard - and somehow I immediately remembered what the extra movement keys were, even 20 years after).

Graphics are nice, although nothing fancy. But there is probably no need for it.
The story so far is exquisitely boring, and much better skipped.

There are also some secrets (just as in 90s games) and upgrade points. The helper from Descent 2 is back (this form in holo form, which makes more sense than the original) - you just press Z and it shows where you need to go. This is quite welcome, as the biggest problem with this game sub genre is that the corridors tend to be generic and easy to get lost into.

Overall, interesting for fans of the original. No idea how fun it is for new users.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Last Emperox - Book Review

The Last Emperox, by John Scalzi, is the last book in The Interdependency trilogy.

The flow (the FTL of this universe) paths are failing, and civilization will suffer as a result. But the current Emperox and her boyfriend are working in the problem, trying to save everyone. Meanwhile, Nadashe and a lot of nobles are plotting to kill her, and only try to save the other nobles.

Obvious trouble ensue.

Scalzi recently posted a tweet that mentioned that people were swearing at him at a certain point of a book. I wondered which. After reading this, it is pretty obvious. Technically this is a spoiler. If you read the book, you too will know when you read it.

Overall, pretty good, and the plot ends well (while it could still be milked for more books, it would be unnecessary). Very well worth reading the trilogy, I think it took me about a week and a half.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Snake Pass - Flickering Problem

Just had a nasty flickering bug with Snake Pass. The screen got green and started flickering. The scary part was that it continued it after I closed the game!!!

I got the solution from a post:

OrbWeaver73 has Snake Pass 4 Feb, 2018 @ 8:37pm
To fix this if you are using Nvidia, Open Nvidia control panel (Not Geforce Experiance) under "Display" on the left hand side click "Resolution", Scroll down to option 3 and select use nVidia color settings, Hit apply and this should resolve the green flickering from all games that suffer from it.

AI War 2 - PC Game "Review"

This is mostly a note because very soon I will probably forget I tried this.

This seems to be clever in some ways, but one of the most painful designs I have ever seen. For starters, if you want a window, you have to type in the size. I have been gaming since 8-bit computers and I can't recall this ever happening.

Then there are tutorials, which are very reasonable but show that the game is just crazy complicated, much more than any other strategy game I've tried.

At this point I've decided to give up on the thing and uninstall.

Zombotron - PC Game Review

Zombotron is a platform shooter.

It looks pretty nice, and I do enjoy all the physics actions you can do, such as dropping things on enemies' heads to kill them.

What I didn't like it is the bosses, and how different they are from the rest of the game. So for the first one, I had to look it up on the net how to kill it, for example.

Overall, good.